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Rodney Square

Visit Rodney Square if you’re going to be in downtown Wilmington. The area’s historical landmarks are definitely worth a visit, and the square is surrounded by lovely old buildings. The creation of Rodney Square in Wilmington, Delaware, is a fantastic example of a public-private partnership. The idea for the square came from the late 19th-century City Beautiful movement, which aimed to promote social order by incorporating beautiful aspects into the built environment. Italian Renaissance, Classical Revival, and Beaux Arts buildings may now be found in the square, making it a noteworthy assemblage of revivalist architecture. The square provides an open area and wonderful architectural backdrops for a variety of activities. It has come to be known as the embodiment of downtown Wilmington. In 2011, the city’s first historic district was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Caesar Rodney

Rodney Square is a part of Wilmington’s downtown historic area. Caesar Rodney, a leader in the American Revolution, is honored with this square’s name. James E. Kelly built the equestrian statue of Caesar Rodney in 1923, which was dedicated on July 4th. Caesar Rodney, the first president of Delaware and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, is honored by the monument. He also owned slaves. The monument was added to the National Register of Historic Places in November 2011.

Plans for Improvement

In the center of Rodney Square, the City of Wilmington, Delaware, has placed a memorial marker. Before constructing the Cool Spring Reservoir in 1877, it was used as a drinking water reservoir. The city has now revealed plans to upgrade the park’s water features, add more lighting, and add more grass. Public education regarding the new park is another goal of the Wilmington Earth and Arbor Day Celebration. It also features an educational movie with pictures of the finished park.

The Farmers’ Market & Other Events

In 2021, Rodney Square will host the Farmers’ Market in Downtown Wilmington once more. Every Wednesday between 10th and 11th Streets, this market will be open. The market, which is on Market Street, will also sell cooked foods and local products. The available crafts, games, and activities will appeal to kids. Even kids can attend Summer Story Time! Rodney Square is continually hosting events, so take advantage of it!

The Hotel Parking Garage & Other Attractions

Just one-half of a block away on North French Street, directly below the courthouse in Rodney Square, is the hotel’s parking garage. The parking valet will point you in the direction of the visitor’s entrance once you’ve parked your car.

Holy Trinity Church, a historic building, is ten-minute walk away. The Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts and the Nemours Estate are two nearby attractions. The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, a new museum devoted to the history of the city, and a transit hub for the DART bus system all call this region home. 

How to Get There From Here (You can walk!)

Love Nature? Visit The Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge

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