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Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge

Explore Delaware’s native wildlife at the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington, DE. In addition to raised trails, the urban preserve contains a tourist center. An extensive marsh restoration process began in 1998 and has enabled beneficial vegetation to flourish in the marsh and provide habitat for wetland wildlife. Additional rehabilitation efforts include stabilizing the shorelines, re-excavating water channels to their historical patterns, developing a trail system, and installing wildlife nesting structures.

Who is Russel Peterson?

As president of the National Audubon Society and the International Council for Bird Preservation, Peterson also served as head of the Council on Environmental Quality of the United States and the Center for Long-Term Biological Consequences of Nuclear War established by President Richard Nixon. Peterson was in charge of carrying out the 1971 Delaware Coastal Zone Act, which prohibited heavy industry from being located within 100 miles of the coast.

Beautiful Sceneries

Visitors can anticipate discovering a wide range of plants and fauna at the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington. Observation decks are excellent locations for studying the natural world. The marshlands nearby can be seen clearly from the center. Boardwalks and a beautiful walkway with amazing views connect the Center to the Refuge. You can take in the views and sounds of the marsh after a short trek through the sanctuary or bicycle ride.

The Delaware Museum of Natural History

Another indoor destination worth seeing is the Delaware Museum of Natural History. The Wilmington museum has a remarkable array of exhibits and is conveniently situated on Kennett Pike. The Delaware Museum of Natural History’s team organizes entertaining activities to keep guests amused while they learn more about the natural world. Throughout the year, the museum also holds a number of temporary and traveling exhibits. The museum hosts unique events as well.

The DuPont Environmental Education Center

Another fantastic location to check out while in Wilmington is the DuPont Environmental Education Center. The center is close to a 212-acre urban wildlife sanctuary and the Christina River. Both the center and the refuge itself have interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. The facility offers a number of free drop-in programs, and a seven-mile hiking route is ready.

Public and private initiatives have revived the Christina River, and the 212-acre preserve is home to a variety of species. The DuPont Environmental Education Center, which doubles as a visitor center, is located inside this preserve. The tidal marsh and the city’s center are connected by the Riverwalk. Additionally, a 1.3-mile Markell Trail runs through the marsh.

The Brandywine Hundred Wildlife Refuge

There is also the Brandywine Hundred Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington, Delaware, in addition to the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge. In 1998, this sanctuary was created when a number of businesses bought the area. The refuge had a lot of support from the prior governor.  If you own a car, you can drive to the refuge from Wilmington, Delaware. As an alternative, you can get to the city by quick rail from Wilmington. There is much to enjoy in the wildlife preserve, no matter how you decide to explore it.

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