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King Creative Celebrates Black History Month

King Creative Celebrates Black History Month

Through the power of storytelling… King Creative Supports Black History Month. To our friends, neighbors, sisters, and brothers, we honor you this month as we do every day!

Featured In This Video:
Melba Moore – Performer/Artist
Jae Focus – Artist
Married To The Ring – Tanya Williamson
Lady Mouthphy – Artist
Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce
NDO Champ
Junior Wright Jr. – Professional Boxer
Herb Middleton – Producer/Writer/ Composer
Michael Blackson – Comedian/Actor
Women in Business – Today Media
Goodwill of Delaware
Jackie Murray as Harriet Tubman
Roy Jones Jr. – World Champion Boxer

Delaware’s Unique Contributions to Black History Month

Delaware holds a distinctive place in the narrative of Black History Month, offering a rich tapestry of stories and significant contributions to the African American experience in the United States. This small but historically significant state has been a stage for remarkable events and personalities shaping local and national history.

The Underground Railroad and Thomas Garrett

One of Delaware’s most profound connections to Black history is its role in the Underground Railroad. Thomas Garrett, a prominent figure in Delaware’s history, was a Quaker abolitionist who dedicated his life to the cause of abolishing slavery. Operating out of Wilmington, Garrett helped approximately 2,700 enslaved people escape to freedom. His tireless work made him a central figure in the Underground Railroad network, working closely with Harriet Tubman and other abolitionists. Garrett’s legacy is a testament to Delaware’s critical role in the fight against slavery.

Educational Milestones and Louis L. Redding

Education has been another arena where Delaware has made significant contributions to Black history. Louis L. Redding, the state’s first African American lawyer, was pivotal in challenging racial segregation in education. Redding was involved in two crucial cases, Gebhart v. Belton and Bulah v. Gebhart, which were part of the cases consolidated into the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. This decision ruled that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional, marking a major victory for the Civil Rights Movement.

The Integration of Delaware’s National Guard

Another notable event in Delaware’s connection to Black history is the integration of its National Guard. In 1950, under the order of Governor Elbert N. Carvel, the Delaware National Guard became one of the first in the nation to desegregate. This action, taken years before the Civil Rights Movement gained national momentum, underscored Delaware’s progressive stance on race relations and equal rights for African Americans.

Harriet Tubman’s Connection to Delaware

Delaware’s significance in Black history is further underscored by the legendary figure of Harriet Tubman and her connection to the state through her daring missions on the Underground Railroad. Tubman, often referred to as the “Moses of her people,” made numerous trips into slave-holding states, leading many enslaved individuals to freedom. Delaware was a critical passage on the journey to freedom due to its geographical position between the slave states of the South and free states of the North.

Tubman’s Journey Through Delaware

Harriet Tubman’s bravery and strategic genius were particularly evident in her navigation through Delaware. The state’s proximity to Maryland, where Tubman was born and enslaved, made it a necessary route for escaping to the North. Tubman often guided fugitives through Delaware, utilizing the network of safe houses and the support of abolitionists like Thomas Garrett. The journey was fraught with danger, as Delaware, while a slave state, had a strong abolitionist presence but also stringent laws against aiding fugitives.

The Impact of Tubman’s Work in Delaware

Tubman’s impact on Delaware and the broader fight for freedom cannot be overstated. Her courage inspired others to join the cause, and her successful missions demonstrated the effectiveness of the Underground Railroad. Her work in Delaware, collaborating with local abolitionists, created a formidable force against the institution of slavery. Tubman’s legacy in the state is a testament to her indomitable spirit and the critical role Delaware played in the quest for freedom.

Honoring Harriet Tubman Today

In recognition of Harriet Tubman’s contributions and the state’s role in the Underground Railroad, Delaware has established monuments and educational programs to honor her legacy. The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, a scenic drive with historical markers, allows visitors to trace Tubman’s footsteps through the state, highlighting places where she hid and where she helped others escape bondage. These commemorations serve as a reminder of Tubman’s heroic efforts and Delaware’s pivotal role in the struggle for freedom.

Delaware’s connection to Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad adds a profound chapter to the state’s Black history narrative. Tubman’s bravery, in partnership with Delaware’s abolitionist network, forged a path to liberty that altered the course of American history. Her legacy, celebrated throughout Delaware, continues to inspire the fight for justice and equality.

Celebrating Black History in Delaware Today

Today, Delaware continues to honor its unique contributions to Black history through various institutions and events. The Delaware History Museum, the Mitchell Center for African American Heritage, and annual Black History Month celebrations highlight the state’s ongoing commitment to recognizing the achievements and struggles of African Americans. These observances not only reflect on the past but also inspire future generations to continue the pursuit of equality and justice.

Delaware’s connections to Black History Month are a reminder of the state’s significant role in the broader tapestry of American history. From the courageous endeavors of abolitionists to the groundbreaking legal battles for civil rights, Delaware’s contributions offer a powerful narrative of resilience, courage, and progress.

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