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That’s A Wrap – Week 39

The Big Dill, Neil Energy, Brandywine River Restoration, and Tilly’s Escape

This action-packed week kicked off with The Big Dill and it was exactly that. Hosted by our own Christopher Bruce, people from all over the US came to Baltimore to celebrate, taste, party, and enjoy all things PICKLE. RISE and BRINE!

The Office of the Child Advocate called on us to help produce a training module designed to help medical professionals identify the signs of abuse. We are glad we could help make our community safer.

Shifting gears, Neil Energy leaned on the fun dept. to activate their team Field Day at the Chase Fieldhouse, bringing to life their Olympic-themed carnival experience filled with team activities, a full midway, and plenty of SWAG!!!

City council member and BRRT advocate, Zanthia Oliver, shared why supporting the Brandywine River Restoration efforts are important to her and our city. Visit to learn more.

We closed out the week celebrating our efforts in the production of the Harriet Tubman-inspired “Tilly Escape” story in partnership with the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom, the Seaford Historical Society, and the City of Wilmington Preservation Planning Office at a film premiere down in Seaford, DE.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 10

Week 10 – Impactful and Productive. As Bruce Said… “Fulfilling”!

Millionaire Delaware

Our team got behind DoMore24DE and the LLS DE Students of the Year campaign this week in a big way, raising a total of 3.2 million dollars. We’re pretty stoked about it! But honestly, we could not have done it without the amazing support of our community. From donations to volunteer hours, everyone came together to help us reach our goal. We are so grateful for all the support! Now let’s keep up the good work and make even more progress toward our goals! Together we can make a difference!

Jackie Murray for Harriet Tubman

To pay tribute to Harriet Tubman, we snuck Jackie Murray, star of the Calling on Harriet initiative, into the Recording Studio to record a few Spirituals. We figured that if anyone could do justice to the capturing the memory of such an inspiring woman, it would be Jackie. And we were right – her voice is absolutely mesmerizing. We even slipped her into the Recording Studio to lay down a few Spirituals while she was in town. 

THE CONTENT, LIVE PERFORMANCE, IMPACT PANEL, and MEETING JACKIE were all big hits at the event. The CONTENT was awesome, the LIVE PERFORMANCE blew everyone away, the IMPACT PANEL left a lasting impression, and Calling On Harriet was an unforgettable experience. We’re so grateful to have captured these amazing performances, and we hope that they’ll help keep Harriet’s legacy alive for generations to come. Thank you, Jackie!

Boys And Girls Club Delaware

When it comes to promoting youth programs, the Boys & Girls Club knows that a little TLC goes a long way. That’s why we help them do some much-needed touch-ups on images used in their Youth of the Year Campaign and Student Advocates Program. We were tasked with repairing everything from color balance to cracked pixels, and the results were amazing! Thanks to the team’s hard work, the campaign and program are now looking better than ever. And who knows? Maybe one of us should have won the Youth of the Year award in the past!

Bringing Values to Life

Nick Gianoulis, the Godfather of Fun at The Fun Dept is known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. He is the driving force behind a new video series called Bringing Values to Life, which will premiere in April. The series is designed to help employees to understand and live the company’s values. In each episode, Nick will visit a different department and interview employees about how they bring the company’s values to life in their work. The series will be full of Nick’s infectious energy and it is sure to inspire employees to live the company’s values every day.

Overall, it was a PRODUCTIVE, IMPACTFUL, and FULFILLING WEEK! Keep being awesome, and we’ll see you next week!


That’s A Wrap – Week 9

Week 9: Catching Up on 2022, and Prepping for Calling On Harriet


This week was mostly spent in the studio, trying to fix all the mistakes from the previous weeks. It was a lot of hard work, but we’re glad to say that I finally got everything sorted out. Thankfully, the studio is a pretty calm place so it wasn’t too bad. But still, the team is looking forward to next week when we can start working on something new!

Do More, Collect More

The team set up shop for DoMore24DE, a whole day of giving meant to help nonprofits collect more money and engage new people. The team’s goal was to help them reach their goals by providing information and resources about how to best use social media to connect with potential donors.

The campaign runs for 24 hours, and during that time, people can donate as much money as they want. So far, the campaign has raised over a million dollars, and it is still going strong. The campaign is important because it helps to make a difference in the lives of many people in need.

See You!

The team did get out at some point, though – to enjoy the beautiful weather this week had to offer and to grab some footage in preparation for next Thursday’s Calling on Harriet preview and celebration. Come on by at 7 and enjoy the show for free!

Another week of creativity, inspiration, and productivity has come to an end. Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you next week!

That’s A Wrap – Week 8

Week 8 Gave Us 2-22-22, and A Trip To Nashville

Floyd 5D

Floyd Armstrong of the 5th Dimension may be used to the sunny skies of Southern California, but he’s not afraid to venture north for a little collaboration. The 5th dimension is an alternate universe where it is always sunny and there is never any snow. Recently, he made the trip up from San Diego to work with Herb Middleton on some original music. While he was in town, he also caught a few snowflakes – something that’s definitely not available in San Diego! Luckily, he had a great time and was able to experience a whole new side of the country. Who knows, maybe he’ll even come back for more snowflakes next winter!

Young and Photogenic

The team traveled to Dover to photograph the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware’s Youth of the Year Campaign. They got additional content for their Student Advocate Initiative, which is a big deal. The Youth of the Year Campaign is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of young people who have overcome enormous odds. It’s a big deal because it helps to raise awareness about the importance of supporting young people in our communities. The team got some great photos and they’re excited to share them with the world!

History is Her Story

You could cut the excitement with a knife at True Access Capital’s Women’s Business Center Her Story Our History Event last week. The room was packed with inspiring women being honored, and the air was thick with anticipation for the upcoming Harriet Tubman – Inspired Celebration on March 9th. Theater N will be hosting the event, and we are thrilled to be producing it. It promises to be an evening of stunning entertainment, enlightening conversation and empowering networking. So mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more details – we can’t wait to see you there!

Momentum has grown for a Harriet Tubman-inspired celebration coming up on March 9th at Theatre N that we are honored to be producing, so look out for that.

As we buttoned things up we appreciate another CREATIVE, PRODUCTIVE and INSPIRING week.

Stay Awesome and we will see you next week!

That’s A Wrap – Week 2

Hungry For Projects In The Second Week Of January

Behind the Scenes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Fun Department. We’re deep in the throes of setting up our new project, Dinner at 8 Live. It’s a new way of producing food that has us all salivating. We’ve gathered some fantastic content and we’re excited to get started. And as always, post-production is busy and the studio is full of laughter!

Monique & Harriet

Missy is also developing a communication module for Monique Helstrom, an Executive Coach. You may find out more about her at

Meanwhile, Calling On Harriet continues to work on exciting new episodes and we can’t wait to share them with you all!

Welcome, Gia!

In other news, our team is growing! We’re thrilled to welcome Gia as our new Graphic Designer and 2D/3D Animator. She comes to us with a wealth of experience and we’re confident she’ll be a valuable addition to the team. 

Gia is using her skills in animation and graphic design. She’s already been hard at work creating some stunning graphics for the project, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! We are excited to see what new projects she will bring to life!

Are we imagining a light bulb? We’ll have to see. You and Aman the puppet will have to wait.

So keep awesome and stay tuned!

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