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DoMore24DE: Get Ready for Delaware’s Biggest Day of Giving

Delaware’s Biggest Day of Giving

Gear up for Delaware’s March 7 and 8 Big Fundraising Event  

The Official 2024 DoMore24DE Broadcast will Live Stream multi-cast across various social media outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, and others, leveraging Spur Impact, United Way of Delaware, King Creative, and DETV’s Social Channels, starting March 7 at 6 PM, through March 8 at 6 PM. 

We encourage you to tune into the broadcast, share it with your network, and interact to support the 500-plus DE Nonprofits featured in the campaign.

The caring forces behind (#DoMore24DE) Do More 24 Delaware, which takes place on Thursday, March 7, through Friday, March 8, are looking forward to the impactful philanthropic effort to help more than 500 involved Delaware nonprofits.

Delaware’s largest giving day is designed to help nonprofits increase their capacity, engage new donors, and expand their reach. This collaborative effort celebrates philanthropy in a major way and aims to spur impact in the Delaware community.

The overriding goal is to ignite a culture of community-wide giving and allow everyone the opportunity to be a philanthropist. The organizers also want to use Do More 24 Delaware to empower the next generation of donors to be inspired to start giving to nonprofits and causes they are interested in and passionate about and to continue a lifelong love for giving. 

Do More 24 Delaware is a fun and easy way for the entire community to impact philanthropy and be inspired to donate to nonprofits serving Delaware. It is a unique 24-hour giving event that showcases the amazing and vital work of nonprofit organizations serving the state.

The goal is to inspire Delaware residents to come together for 24 hours and contribute as much as they can financially to the causes and organizations they support while discovering new ones. 

In the past three years alone, this event has raised more than $7 million and expanded the reach of nonprofits around the state. The goal for this year’s event is more than $2 million. It is similar to Giving Tuesday, but it is specifically for Delaware.

United Way of Delaware brought the Do More 24 Delaware Campaign to the state and it took off in a big way when it was partnered seven years ago with Spur Impact. There will be updates, talk to nonprofit leaders, special guests, and artist performances. This involves a full-on production for 24 straight hours – a true marathon produced by King Creative and hosted by owner, Christopher Bruce.

Like a modern-day Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon with the addition of modern technology and social media, the hosts of this ultimate community collaborative event will support more than 500 Delaware nonprofits raising money and awareness for the arts, the environment, education, and everything in between! 

While other donations that nonprofits receive through the year have specific programs tied to them, Do More 24 Delaware offers thousands of dollars in unrestricted funding and other cash and non-cash incentives to provide a little excitement, start some friendly competition, and help donors make their dollars go further – all noteworthy occurrences.

On the website, prospective donors can search for nonprofits in a variety of ways. They can also learn more about an organization’s mission, programs, financials, and more by clicking on the verification link or by visiting its specific website. You can then choose to donate or continue searching.

“This has been such an awesome experience because we’ve been able to quadruple our impact and push for touching new donors and investors who care about nonprofits in Delaware,” explained Tierra Fair, senior leader and Vice President of Engagement and Partnerships at United Way of Delaware.

She is responsible for advocating on behalf of underserved people in Delaware and creating opportunities for positive change. “We care about this because we know how hard it is for nonprofits to raise money. We know that most of our fellow nonprofits are made up of smaller teams and primarily work with volunteers,” Fair added. 

“We know that collective marketing is the way of the future to make sure that all of our messages get heard.” 

Do More 24 Delaware will hold a 24-hour livestream starting around 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, and finish a little after 6 p.m. on Friday, March 8. The live stream will be available on Spur Impact, United Way, Facebook, and YouTube. Many of the nonprofits and supporters will be featured during the livestream and content will be shared and updated throughout the day.

While the team of highly effective advocates spearheading Do More 24 Delaware appreciates in-person events, they see the value of online events in which anyone can donate from those around the state, the nation, and the globe. “It’s a way to get our friends, our family, and the broader community excited about the causes we care about. I also think it turns fundraising upside down.”

She hopes that everyone connects with one or more nonprofits, tells five friends and it snowballs from there. “We want everyone to talk about a cause they care about and be able to take action right away.”

While large donations are encouraged, Faire said what makes Do More 24 Delaware unique is that it aims to change the face of philanthropy. We know that it’s not just about the large grants. It’s not just about getting one large donor. There are less and less large donors today,” she said.

 “So, our goal is to encourage those $5, $10, and $20 donors and to go on and get as many of them as possible involved because we know that they’re going to make a difference in the communities they serve.” 

Charlie Vincent, executive director of Spur Impact, said the beauty of Do More 24 Delaware is that these nonprofits need individual donors to build a culture of philanthropy statewide to be stronger. “We need to build this pipeline of the new individual donors because the $10 donor today could be the $10 million donor tomorrow, or 20 or 30 years from now.”

He said that the feedback each year has been overwhelmingly positive on both sides – the donors and the nonprofits. “An event like this raises the profile of these nonprofits, especially for the next generation, and introduces them to a network that they typically wouldn’t have access to.”

Fair said the major thing that the feedback from the public hearing about it for the first time is how the day works and how is it possible to bring together 500+ nonprofits and help them shine.

“Once we talk to people and tell them what the end goal is for United Way of Delaware and Spur Impact, it’s to be that supportive proactive organization to support these 500+ nonprofits.  Then people get to understand just the impact of the entire day.”

Going forward, Fair would love it if 50 percent of the people in Delaware would give $5 or more to Do More 24 Delaware. “It would just show Delaware’s commitment to giving back to nonprofits,” Fair said. “I think it’s possible. I don’t know how we’ll track it, but it’s possible.”

Christopher Bruce, a noted producer, writer, host, actor, and creator at King Creative, said he grew up in an environment in which volunteerism and supporting causes were encouraged.

“As a kid, I was actively raising money for leukemia when it was called The Leukemia Society. I was a swimmer back then and I was the top fundraiser for a handful of years in a row as part of a swimathon in Syracuse,” Bruce explained.

“Back then, we were doing it door-to-door getting people to donate a nickel, dime, or quarter a lap,” he said.

“One of my secret sauces was I was a pretty good swimmer for a young kid of eight or ten years old, and they didn’t expect a kid of eight or 10 years old to swim hundreds of laps in the allotted time,” Bruce added.

“That sense of making a difference was extremely tangible and it has only grown since then,” he said. “What better stage than this to sing the praises of 500+ Delaware nonprofits in one day at the same time raising a large amount of money that people don’t expect?”

“It is an honor to host this historic event, truly making an impact throughout the state of Delaware, supporting these causes which fill every nook and cranny of our lives!”

For more information go to Do More 24.

King Creative Celebrates Black History Month

King Creative Celebrates Black History Month

Through the power of storytelling… King Creative Supports Black History Month. To our friends, neighbors, sisters, and brothers, we honor you this month as we do every day!

Featured In This Video:
Melba Moore – Performer/Artist
Jae Focus – Artist
Married To The Ring – Tanya Williamson
Lady Mouthphy – Artist
Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce
NDO Champ
Junior Wright Jr. – Professional Boxer
Herb Middleton – Producer/Writer/ Composer
Michael Blackson – Comedian/Actor
Women in Business – Today Media
Goodwill of Delaware
Jackie Murray as Harriet Tubman
Roy Jones Jr. – World Champion Boxer

Delaware’s Unique Contributions to Black History Month

Delaware holds a distinctive place in the narrative of Black History Month, offering a rich tapestry of stories and significant contributions to the African American experience in the United States. This small but historically significant state has been a stage for remarkable events and personalities shaping local and national history.

The Underground Railroad and Thomas Garrett

One of Delaware’s most profound connections to Black history is its role in the Underground Railroad. Thomas Garrett, a prominent figure in Delaware’s history, was a Quaker abolitionist who dedicated his life to the cause of abolishing slavery. Operating out of Wilmington, Garrett helped approximately 2,700 enslaved people escape to freedom. His tireless work made him a central figure in the Underground Railroad network, working closely with Harriet Tubman and other abolitionists. Garrett’s legacy is a testament to Delaware’s critical role in the fight against slavery.

Educational Milestones and Louis L. Redding

Education has been another arena where Delaware has made significant contributions to Black history. Louis L. Redding, the state’s first African American lawyer, was pivotal in challenging racial segregation in education. Redding was involved in two crucial cases, Gebhart v. Belton and Bulah v. Gebhart, which were part of the cases consolidated into the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. This decision ruled that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional, marking a major victory for the Civil Rights Movement.

The Integration of Delaware’s National Guard

Another notable event in Delaware’s connection to Black history is the integration of its National Guard. In 1950, under the order of Governor Elbert N. Carvel, the Delaware National Guard became one of the first in the nation to desegregate. This action, taken years before the Civil Rights Movement gained national momentum, underscored Delaware’s progressive stance on race relations and equal rights for African Americans.

Harriet Tubman’s Connection to Delaware

Delaware’s significance in Black history is further underscored by the legendary figure of Harriet Tubman and her connection to the state through her daring missions on the Underground Railroad. Tubman, often referred to as the “Moses of her people,” made numerous trips into slave-holding states, leading many enslaved individuals to freedom. Delaware was a critical passage on the journey to freedom due to its geographical position between the slave states of the South and free states of the North.

Tubman’s Journey Through Delaware

Harriet Tubman’s bravery and strategic genius were particularly evident in her navigation through Delaware. The state’s proximity to Maryland, where Tubman was born and enslaved, made it a necessary route for escaping to the North. Tubman often guided fugitives through Delaware, utilizing the network of safe houses and the support of abolitionists like Thomas Garrett. The journey was fraught with danger, as Delaware, while a slave state, had a strong abolitionist presence but also stringent laws against aiding fugitives.

The Impact of Tubman’s Work in Delaware

Tubman’s impact on Delaware and the broader fight for freedom cannot be overstated. Her courage inspired others to join the cause, and her successful missions demonstrated the effectiveness of the Underground Railroad. Her work in Delaware, collaborating with local abolitionists, created a formidable force against the institution of slavery. Tubman’s legacy in the state is a testament to her indomitable spirit and the critical role Delaware played in the quest for freedom.

Honoring Harriet Tubman Today

In recognition of Harriet Tubman’s contributions and the state’s role in the Underground Railroad, Delaware has established monuments and educational programs to honor her legacy. The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, a scenic drive with historical markers, allows visitors to trace Tubman’s footsteps through the state, highlighting places where she hid and where she helped others escape bondage. These commemorations serve as a reminder of Tubman’s heroic efforts and Delaware’s pivotal role in the struggle for freedom.

Delaware’s connection to Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad adds a profound chapter to the state’s Black history narrative. Tubman’s bravery, in partnership with Delaware’s abolitionist network, forged a path to liberty that altered the course of American history. Her legacy, celebrated throughout Delaware, continues to inspire the fight for justice and equality.

Celebrating Black History in Delaware Today

Today, Delaware continues to honor its unique contributions to Black history through various institutions and events. The Delaware History Museum, the Mitchell Center for African American Heritage, and annual Black History Month celebrations highlight the state’s ongoing commitment to recognizing the achievements and struggles of African Americans. These observances not only reflect on the past but also inspire future generations to continue the pursuit of equality and justice.

Delaware’s connections to Black History Month are a reminder of the state’s significant role in the broader tapestry of American history. From the courageous endeavors of abolitionists to the groundbreaking legal battles for civil rights, Delaware’s contributions offer a powerful narrative of resilience, courage, and progress.

King Creative 2023 Recap

King Creative loves telling stories and prides itself on getting lost in your worlds and connecting audiences.

Enjoy this fun look back at some of the fun we had in 2023. It’s hard to highlight everything but we appreciate all the opportunities we have had and look forward to many more.

We enjoyed producing videos for events, TV and Streaming Series, Podcasts, Documentaries, Commercials, Award Videos, Community Initiatives, Music and more.

It was an inspiring year!

Time to keep creating in 2024

Dare to be seen and call King Creative Today

That’s A Wrap – Week 18 – Season 2

Official Celebrity Boxing, Herb Middleton and the White Label World Expo make for a busy week!

We came swinging into the week recording 4 NEW episodes of the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast featuring Grammy-nominated, platinum producer Herb Middleton; one of Philadelphia’s premier and most respected urban/hip-hop artists, SUPREEM DA REZAREKTA; music executive, record producer, and television actor, CISCO ROSADO; and the one and only rapper and hip-hop star, Peter Gunz.

Chris and Isaiah were trains, planes, and automobiles as they made their way out to Vegas in support of Tanya Williamson and her Married To The Ring Blueprint Experience at the White Label World EXPO. There we captured footage to be used to document the trip as well as position the brand as they roll out new offerings. We also enjoyed the fresh new track we whipped up along with Herb Middleton in action.

With the Goodwill Inspiration Awards right around the corner, the team has been busy piecing the videos together, creating graphics, and getting them ready. Great progress so far but more to do.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 17 – Season 2

Spreading more Fun With Connect 4Q and The Hope Joy Lovefest Begins…

History in the making…Official Celebrity Boxing called to capture content at their Face Off and Press Event in Newark, NJ, featuring NDO Champ and World Champ Roy Jones Jr., as they prepare for their monumental Metaverse Match coming up on Pay Per View. The whole town came out along with the Mayor to get into the action.

The Goodwill Inspiration Awards shoots continued this week as we worked towards gathering all of the footage and visual elements needed to produce the award videos highlighting this year’s winners.

Big steps forward for our newest show, The Hope Joy Lovecast, filming and recording the first 3 episodes and gathering some initial images to be used to promote the series. The show will be launched and available anywhere you watch or listen to your podcasts soon.

Del-One brought the team together down in Dover once again for their Annual Meeting bringing their members up to speed on where the credit union stands and what the future holds. We executed a plan streaming the event live while also running the in-person show elements.

Our Virtual Offering – Connect 4Q through the fun dept was lights-camera-action to close the week as we engaged the team from BCCS with some fun with a purpose. They are now recharged, refocused, and closer as a team and so are we.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 16 – Season 2

Having Fun, Celebrity Boxing and Breathing Fresh Air!

We spun our way into the week helping host a R&B Spectacular at The Grand Opera House headlined by The Spinners and even surprised the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce‘s own Ayanna Khan with an Honorary Official Celebrity Boxing Championship Belt.

WSFS Bank had us up in Philly engaging with parts of their team in some well deserved fun with the fun dept helping lead to a happier, healthier, and more connected workplace.

Goodwill had us inspired, capturing content for their upcoming Inspiration Awards Luncheon. We are working hard coordinating and producing the 5 videos they need to showcase the 2023 winners.

Earth Day had us out breathing in the fresh air and celebrating our planet along with our buddy Tropo, the Air Quality Partnership, and the City of Wilmington.

The Champ, Roy Jones Jr., was in the building along with SMBullet to record a track being produced by none other than our guy, Herb Middleton. From the ring to the booth…Roy has never sounded better!

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 15 – Season 2

Excellent Nurses,  Young Entrepreneurs, Azalea, and Celebrity Boxing – Another full week!

We wrapped up the studio production for Delaware Today’s Excellence in Nursing Campaign and headed to post-production in preparation for their Awards Event.

We also adjusted the recent Encore Azalea ad to fit vertical formats to extend the campaign’s reach.

The University of Delaware’s HORN Entrepreneurship Program called on us to speak to their students about the power and value of storytelling. It was a fun, interactive session, and we don’t think anyone fell asleep, so that’s nice.

Hard work does pay off. The team successfully launched the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast with a kickoff event live recording. You can download, listen and watch the show anywhere you stream your podcasts. Just search: Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast.

Our design team is cranking on the visuals for the Married To The Ring Blueprint’s Masterclass series at the White Label World Expo in Vegas coming up in May. Check out the driving map below, but we recommend flying!

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 14 – Season 2

Live streaming, Headshots, Making Music, and Prom-Planning – That’s a Productive Week!

Del-One had us down in Dover to do a site visit for their upcoming Annual Meeting for Delaware’s largest credit union in preparation for the live stream and meeting production.

Delaware Today brought its latest group of Excellence in Nursing winners through the studio this week to get headshots done for the event program and record video content to be shown at the event and online, sharing what inspires them and keeps them going. We might have also grabbed some funny stories too.

Nemours called us in to help bring their Enchanted Forest-themed Prom event to life. We met on-site to discuss ideas and start on planning to make this a night their patients will never forget.

To close things out, the dynamic duo, 2Flaw$y, made up of Da Real Majik and Lady Polo came all the way in from Rochester, NY, to chop it up with Herb Middleton in the Recording Studio.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 13 – Season 2

Shadfest & 5K, and Starting Some New Music

We started by working our way up the river in preparation for BRRT’s 3rd Annual Brandywine Shad Fest coming up on May 20th. ShadFest is a FREE annual family-friendly celebration of the Brandywine River and the return of the American Shad. Over 1,500 people attended ShadFest in 2022, an increase of 300% over 2021. Attendees participate in interactive, educational exhibits from 20 of Delaware’s leading environmental organizations, enjoy live music, a 5K, sustainable vendors, food, shad obstacle course, arts and crafts, and a lot of fun!

We are creating a promo video to highlight all of the family fun and encourage people to sign up for the Shad Run 5k.


Our friend Tanya Williamson from Married to the Ring was in the studio for a creative session working out all of the details, run of the show and plan for her Master Class series of sessions in Vegas. Chris and the team guided her while helping to craft six unique sessions to be facilitated live. We will be creating the supporting visuals and capturing footage at the show. We are even crafting an original song to help support the brand along with Herb Middleton.

The mission of the Air Quality Partnership of Delaware, a public/private coalition of businesses, agencies, and individuals interested in clean air, is to raise awareness and inform Delawareans about practices that improve air quality and health. Tropo, the star of this video, is a friend of the AQP and Delaware.

Tropo is here to help raise awareness about how the air we breathe affects our health, and how the things we do can impact the air we breathe. Tropo helps children and adults understand that simple steps, including carpooling, walking, biking, taking public transit, and turning off the car engine when you stop for more than two minutes, can make a big difference to help reduce air pollution.
If you’d like Tropo to visit your school or event, please write to Helen:
And, thanks to DART and our friends from the Air Quality Partnership for joining in the fun!

What an Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That's A Wrap Week 12 Season 2

That’s A Wrap – Week 12 – Season 2

More Music Production with Herb Middleton and a theme Track for Official Celebrity Boxing

Connecting is always a good way to start our week and our community engagement initiative — Delaware Business First hit that note in style. What a great turnout as usual with familiar and new faces all coming together lifting each other up.

San Diego native Joe Leavy was in the studio this week with our guy Herb Middleton to work on a track for his album, Soul On Fire. Our team captured some BTS footage and imagery to be used for the cover art for the album. Stay tuned to see the final results!

No one is safe when NDO is around. NDO Champ brought his energy to the studio to “Blend it Up” creating an original track our team wrote and is producing. The track is even going to be used as his walk-up music for his HUGE Meta-verse match through Official Celebrity Boxing on May 13th vs four-time World Champion, Roy Jones Jr.

Our girl, Lady Mouthphy, also stopped by to add her flavor to the song.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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