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That’s A Wrap – Week 11 – Season 2

Official Celebrity Boxing’ AC Rumble and Hosting For the Delaware Student Visionaries of the Year

We came out of the corner swinging this week at the Showboat for Official Celebrity Boxing’s Atlantic City Rumble, capturing content from the event to package each fight, showcase the highlights, and have content to talk about on the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast. The Podcast is set to launch on April 12th, so stay tuned for that.

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society is at the forefront of the fight to cure cancer, and we were back on the mic hosting their 2023 Delaware Student Visionaries of the Year Grand Finale at Deerfield Country Club. Congrats to the winning candidate team, but we are all winners here, as we fight for a future that’s cancer-free!

Legendary battle rapper and hip-hop pioneer, Sparky D, brought her talents to the studio working on a song to promote her new fragrance line “Hallelujah.” Herb Middleton was doing his thing producing, and one of our favorites, T-Huny, came in to collaborate on the track.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Productive, and Creative week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 10 – Season 2

Fun at Wilmington University and Prepping Plate At 8

The Women’s Business Center at True Access Capital called on us once again to produce a video for their Her Story Our History event. The video will feature the women being honored and the legacy they want to leave behind.

The Tropo Air Quality Educational Video is taking shape with visual effects and story elements being added.

Wilm U utilized the fun dept. to virtually engage their teams through a hosted experience of fun-filled sessions competing in Popcorn Culture. Become Happier… Healthier and More Connected with the fun dept.


Casting is underway for a new co-host for our Plate at 8 project, and the calendar is filling up with future projects.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Productive, and Creative week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 9 – Season 2

Music, Flowers and Prepping for Dealware’s Largest Giving Day

The week began by wrapping up the sessions with Rich Beggar, getting him to the airport and on his way back to the UK.

The team also raced towards the delivery deadline for Encore Azalea and came through big time getting the spot ready for air despite the rush request.

As Delaware’s Largest Giving Day knocked on our door, the final preparations were put in place and the 24-hour marathon broadcast went off without a hitch. In total, the campaign brought in over $2.3 Million for 500+ nonprofits from 15,000 donors from every zip code in DE and beyond.

This was most definitely an Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 8 – Season 2

Lots of Video Production and Still Photography.
Oh yeah, Music Production Too!

Don and Amy from Next Home Synergy had us out early on a Monday to capture images for their marketing needs to promote their real estate business.

The Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast was cranking in the studio, recording multiple episodes as we get closer and closer to LAUNCH.

We wrapped up production on a short promo for the DoMore24DE LIVESTREAM we are hosting and producing so look out for that.

Encore Azalea has called on us again to help create and deliver a commercial ad campaign around their Binge Worthy Blooms.

And UK artist Rich Beggar came across the pond to work in-studio with Herb Middleton on some new music to add to his already impressive catalog.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 7 – Season 2

Local Television, Local Politics, Fun with Local Education and Celebrity Boxing

We kicked off this week by visiting our friends over at DETV promoting the #DoMore24DE campaign on Good Morning Wilmington. Look out for more Mr. Delaware Gives dropping on their station and around as the buzz builds towards Giving Day.

Love was in the air this week and we are loving all of these conversations dripping out with non-profit leaders. We even had the pleasure to talk to County Executive Matt Meyer and Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long.

As we move ever closer to the launch of the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast, the team is busy working on post-production of the first few episodes as we schedule more, digging into this highly entertaining and controversial world.

Wrapping things up this week, our friends at Wilmington University got a much deserved dose of fun from the fun dept. with a series of Virtual Quick Plays engaging their departments and bonding their teams.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 6 – Season 2

Music, Boxing, Ballet and Ukraine

Baltimore native and Atlanta-based artist, Nani Goins, graced the recording studio, working with Herb Middleton and spending some time in front of the camera, to kick things off this week.

Always on point, Chris took on the Wilmington Ballet in support of the DoMore24DE campaign participating in their Master Class Series, led by the famed Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

The team dropped the new single PHILLY PHILLY PHILLY along with the music video in time to hype up for the Big Game, stirring up some press and creating a buzz around the track.

Episode production is underway for the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast with more on the way. Stay tuned for the launch date.

With Delaware’s Largest Giving Day coming up on March 2nd and 3rd, Mr. Delaware Gives has been busy recording interviews with nonprofit leaders and politicians throughout Delaware in promotion of the big day.

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 5 – Season 2

Prepping for The Eagles and Philly Philly Philly

As we flipped the calendar into month two of 2023, Phil saw his shadow, and we got to work on a series of short conversations to help build buzz and awareness for Delaware’s Largest Giving Day coming up in March. Mr. Delaware Gives himself talked to over 20 nonprofits leaders from around the state of Delaware that will all air across multiple platforms in anticipation of the big day. Delaware’s Largest Giving Day is coming up March 2nd and 3rd! Mr. Delaware Gives, Christopher Bruce, from King Creative sat down to talk to one of the participating nonprofits, Blue Demon Athletics.

Many people think of health as just physical. While physical fitness as a key component of health, mental fitness is equally as important. In 2023, Blue Demon Athletics aims to launch our “Total Health” Initiative, with forums and lectures on the importance of mental and physical health, and offering screenings for both mental and physical wellness.

The Birds are marching towards Arizona for the BIG GAME. Our recording studio was jumping on a collaborative track produced by Herb Middleton featuring Jae Focus and The Philly Sports Guy, inspired by and quarterbacked by our own Christopher Robert Bruce.

The video got some love from All Hip, XPN, Gloucester City News, and AdWeek!

Our Bell Might Be Cracked But We Like It Like That!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 4 – Season 2

Orlando, and Back Home for some Clean Air

The event down in Orlando went off without a hitch helping spread the love of FANFEST futbal…or soccer in the US, with the Premiere League and NBC Sports. At some point, soon, we’re going to tell you what’s up with KC and the Premier League.

In collaboration with the Air Quality Partnership of DE, the King Creative team jumped into action on set filming scenes for an upcoming TROPO Digital Educational Video along with the help from some of our friends.

Delaware’s Largest Giving Day is coming up on March 2nd and 3rd! Mr. Delaware Gives, Christopher Bruce, from King Creative sat down to talk to one of the participating nonprofits, Kerriann Otaño, of Opera Delaware. OperaDelaware is a professional non-profit opera company with a reputation for excellence in both opera and arts education. An engaged, diverse community brought together by a shared value of musical and dramatic experiences of astonishing beauty. OperaDelaware opens the door to bold, vibrant and creative operatic programming that enriches the community, transforms audiences, and encourages dialogue.

The fun dept.’s newest offering, Connect 4Q, is getting closer to completion. Final touches to all the visual assets are being done in preparation of the big launch.

Jenny Jam kept the Recording Studio jumping as she pushed to complete her latest album. We also took some time to create content and learn about her journey.

Oh…and “It’s A Philly Thing”…more on that later. #phillyphillyphilly

Oh, and #flyeaglesfly

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 3 – Season 2

NBC Premiere League in Florida, Some New Music, and Delaware Business First

There is nothing better to kicking off a week than wrapping up a project and sending off the finished files.  Thanks for the opportunity, First Citizens Community Bank!

One of our Community Engagement Initiatives, Delaware Business First, was back in action this week with its first FREE networking mixer of the year. It’s always great getting people together to lift each other up and grow. We had some familiar faces and a bunch of new ones too!

Jakima brought her musical talents to the studio all the way from Pensacola, FL, to get to work on some new original music. We even cooked up a new track inspired by the session…Hey…Why not?

London-born artist, Jenny JAM also made her way back to King Creative to complete her latest album.

To close things out, Chris flew out to Orlando for an NBC Premier League broadcast event at Universal Studios.  More on that next week.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 2 – Season 2

The Fun Begins With WSFS

Fun was in the air as The Fun Dept. brought their unique non-traditional team building magic to The Carriage House at Rockwood Park with WSFS. The time was filled with laughter, smiles and even a beautiful behind the back shot. The WSFS Team left feeling more connected than ever.

With the next Delaware Business First monthly networking event coming up, the team got creative and crafted a promo video for the event. There is no other place to be on the third Tuesday of the month!

One of our drones got to spread its wings capturing some cool aerial shots of the recently opened First Citizens Community Bank to help drive their marketing efforts. We also shot a variety of team shots on both a clean white and natural backgrounds. Be sure to check out FCCB’s new location and tell them we sent you!

The recording studio also came alive on an original track for local artist Tymerra with Herb Middleton and the crew leading the way.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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