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Hagley Museum

The Hagley Museum in Wilmington, Delaware, is a multifaceted organization that honors both upper-class and working-class culture. The museum’s exhibits, which include technology and innovations from the 19th century, explore the lives of DuPont family employees. The museum is the only Smithsonian-linked institution in the Delaware region and also conducts a range of special events. 

Opening Hours

The museum is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday in Wilmington, Delaware, along Del. Route 141. On Mondays and other federal holidays, the museum is closed. Adult tickets are under $9. Visitors to the museum are welcome to explore adjacent sites, including the Iron Hill Brewery and the waterfront stores. The museum also provides guided tours of the collection if time permits.

A Short History

Peter Spencer of the African Union Church founded the Big Quarterly in 1814. His relatives immigrated to America, and the museum’s exhibits have included works by painters including Edward Loper, Clifford Brown, and Clifford Brown. Evening talks on Delawarean history and culture are presented at the museum. Visitors can discover more about the early Delawareans, including Pierre Samuel, the man who founded DuPont. Black people made up one-fifth of the state’s population in 1664, and this trend is still present today.

Free Activities

Visitors to Wilmington can spend the entire day touring the city because it boasts so many free activities. Exhibitions of art and summer festivals are held in the Brandywine Valley. The DuPont Environmental Education Center is a great place to go if you’re interested in animals. It contains a four-story education center, a quarter-mile pond loop, and a ten-acre garden park. Visitors can also take part in complimentary staff-led binocular walks to learn more about the local wildlife. The children’s section of the museum even has a playground where they can create their own artworks.

Delicious Food

An excellent place to refuel before or after a day of history lessons is the DECO food court. There are healthier options available, such as the delectable Strawberry Shortcake and Toy Box Tomato Tart. The DECO food court has altered the eating habits of office workers in downtown Wilmington. Sushi, pizza, and street cuisine from India are also included. The gift shop also sells souvenirs, and neighboring tax-free shopping is available to visitors.

The museum offers free parking and a free shuttle service to its visitors. It is a fantastic place to start whether you’re interested in either art or world history. These institutions integrate aesthetic backdrops with the past, present, and future. You can locate a museum that fascinates you, filled with everything from shipwreck items to elaborate home relics. 

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