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Kalmar Nyckel Foundation

The ancient Dutch fort on the Delaware River is built, owned, and operated by the non-profit Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, which is based on volunteer labor.

The Kalmar Nyckel, which may be found at 1124 E. Seventh St., is Delaware’s seagoing goodwill ambassador. The ship, which was initially constructed by a group of Delaware residents to honor the mid-winter passage of the North Atlantic, has served as a catalyst for the state’s social and economic growth. The vessel is now used by the foundation for educational activities and as a venue for events.

The KNF maritime campus is close to Fort Christina Park. The Kalmar Nyckel landed at Fort Christina, which is a recognized National Underground Railroad site, on his first trip to the New World. Freedom-seekers on the maritime Underground Railroad used Fort Christina, the first European outpost in the Delaware Valley, to reach Wilmington and Philadelphia securely. In actuality, the KNF collaborates with the State of Delaware to manage the park.

A Ship’s History

The educational initiatives of the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation revolve around a riverfront location that is open all year round. Even a brief history lesson about a boat journey up the Christina River is included in the museum. A working 3/4-scale model of a ship’s main deck, a gallery of 73 model ships from across the world, and a Riverfront Room that details Wilmington’s nautical heritage are all included in the center. The foundation also provides self-guided tours and group tours.

The Swedish Flagship

The Kalmar Nyckel’s marine and instructional program heavily relies on its full-scale reproduction of the first Swedish flagship from 1638. The first European settlement in the Delaware valley was delivered there by the expedition’s flagship, led by Governor Peter Minuit. The Kalmar Nyckel traveled across the Atlantic four times in its lifetime, which is more than any other known ship from the American colonial era.

Free Services

The company offers services and programs for kids, the arts, and the general public. They provide free music instruction and expert landscape design as resources for Delaware residents. The building itself is stunning, and the staff and volunteer team are enthusiastic about what they do.


The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation preserves and promotes the cultural and maritime heritage of Delaware and the Delaware Valley for the education and enrichment of all.


To provide a premier maritime and cultural experience and destination for all.

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