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Read House & Gardens

A fascinating approach to experiencing history and discovering the state’s founding is to pay a visit to the Read House & Gardens Wilmington DE in New Castle, Delaware 19720, at 42 The Strand.

The Mansion

The 14,000-square-foot mansion built for George Read II and his family sits on land once known as Lenapehokink, the traditional home of the Lenape people for tens of thousands of years. By the time plans for the house were underway in 1797, the town had passed through Swedish, Dutch, and British colonial control, and it was now the capital of the state of Delaware. George Read II, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, previously lived in the mansion built in the eighteenth century. It covers 14,000 square feet overall and contains 22 rooms. The house, built by a wealthy man, has been renovated to resemble it did in the early 1800s. 

George Read was barely 32 when the cornerstone was laid, set out to build a grand mansion with the expectation that he would become an important statesman like his father, who had signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and served as governor, chief justice, and U.S. senator in Delaware. The younger Read served as Delaware’s first U.S. attorney for 27 years (and his son George III succeeded him for another 21), but he failed to gain traction politically. Nevertheless, he built a spectacular showpiece.

Nearby Attractions:

The Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum, which has over 12,000 pieces of art, is the place to go if you’re in the mood for some. Along with images, you’ll find samples of both American and European art. The museum also boasts a stunning ten-acre outdoor sculpture park. Visit the museum’s broad calendar of special exhibitions, touring exhibits, and regional folk art. Additionally, you’ll be able to take part in more than 100 workshops and classes.

The Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge 

Take a trip to the nearby Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge if you enjoy the outdoors. One of the top Delaware attractions, this refuge is situated on more than 10 picturesque acres. A must-see is also its aviary!

The Delaware Museum of Natural History

In Wilmington, the Delaware Museum of Natural History is another fantastic attraction. Delaware has numerous outdoor locations where visitors may appreciate wildlife, but the museum also has a number of indoor activities for kids and families. The staff is pleasant and accommodating, and admission is a reasonable $7 per person. Events that are both instructive and enjoyable are available to visitors all year long. And this museum needs to be on your list if you’re seeking for a distinctive spot to go while on vacation in Wilmington.

The Big Fish Riverfront

In addition to the Wilmington Nature Center, the Big Fish Riverfront is close by. This restaurant serves substantial portions of fresh fish and a picturesque riverfront setting. There is a covered terrace and nautical and fish-themed decor. For a leisurely lunch or dinner, the riverfront location is ideal. Shopping, dining, and entertainment are all top draws at the Wilmington Riverfront.


Throughout the year, the city also holds a number of festivals. You can pick up techniques for T’ai Chi, meditation, and watercolor painting over the summer. Alternatively, you might go on a family outing to take in the picturesque vista of the waterfront and its surroundings. Every Friday, Picnic Nights are held in Wilmington as another way to enjoy the summertime. These gatherings, which frequently last late, include beer, food, and music.

When to Visit

Although the Read House & Gardens is a well-liked tourist attraction, it is better to go there when the weather is still warm. To visit in the spring and fall, you should schedule your vacation during the off-season.

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