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Rockwood Park & Museum

Visit Rockwood Park & Museum Wilmington, DE, if you’re seeking an exciting day trip in Wilmington, Delaware. Rockwood is a country home designed in the English style, built between 1851 and 1854. The structure is a superb illustration of Rural Gothic Revival design. Visitors can take in a number of exhibitions that are on the property surrounding the home. At this historic location, you may learn about the neighborhood’s past. A cycle of murals created by the late illustrator Howard Pyle is on display. You can also take some great photos!

A Short History

More than 500 years of history are a part of Wilmington. The Lenni Lenape, a group of Wilmington’s original inhabitants, arrived in the state for the first time in the seventeenth century. Eventually, Wilmington saw the arrival of European settlers, and it developed into a melting pot of cultures. Wilmington was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and was one of the original thirteen colonies. Additionally, the city serves as the last station for slaves using the Underground Railroad to reach Pennsylvania and find freedom.

There is a lot to discover about Wilmington’s past. Family members of Du Pont who resided in Wilmington altered the landscape and development of the city. They continue to leave a legacy in Wilmington, and their descendants are proud of Wilmington.

Beautiful in Winter

Another interesting feature in the Wilmington region is the mansion itself. The Wilmington-based Shipley family originally resided in Rockwood Mansion. The Gothic Revival home is adorned with authentic knickknacks and furniture. The home is especially lovely in the winter. A tour will enable you to view the winter’s magic from a new perspective. In the winter, Rockwood’s grounds are breathtaking. In fact, they even provide ghost tours!

The Brandywine River Museum of Art

The Brandywine River Museum of Art is close by. The largest collection of pre-Raphaelite art outside of the United Kingdom is housed in this museum. The art museum is home to many exquisite works of art, including creations by Ford Madox Brown and Andrew Wyeth. The Crying Giant and the Copeland Sculpture Garden are further attractions. When you’re done, proceed to lively Trolley Square. There are some fantastic restaurants and shops around the area.

The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

Another intriguing location to visit is Wilmington’s Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. Local, national, and international artists are featured in this museum. Here, artwork in various media is displayed in 26 artist studios and 7 galleries. Several workshops, art classes, and summer camps are also available for you to attend. In addition, the museum contains a 10-acre outdoor sculpture park. Numerous traveling and special exhibitions, including displays of regional folk art, are held here.

The Grand Opera House

Another landmark in Wilmington is the Grand Opera House. This cast-iron-facade theater from 1871, which has been renovated, has played host to vaudeville, burlesque, Victorian melodramas, and variety shows. The 1,140-seat theater offers comfortable seating and great sightlines. Here, more than 75 performances occur annually. Delaware Symphony, Opera Delaware, and First State Ballet Theatre all call this historical site home. 

Anyone interested in Delaware’s history is welcome to visit this historic mansion. You can discover more about du Pont materials and Wilmington’s history by going to Rockwood Park & Museum Wilmington, DE. You won’t regret spending a day or two here!

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