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Delaware Art Museum

A noteworthy and distinctive aspect of American history is the Delaware Art Museum. A sense of the history of the city and its residents can be obtained by taking a tour of the museum. When the charter of the Wilmington Society of the Finne Arts was drawn in 1912, it boasted the signatures of such Delaware luminaries as Louisa du Pont Copeland and illustrators Stanley M. Arthurs and Frank Schoonover. More importantly, it stated a broad vision for the future: “to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of and cultivation in the fine arts in the State of Delaware.”

It is conveniently located in Wilmington, Delaware’s downtown, near Pennsylvania Avenue at 2301 Kentmere Parkway. To reach the museum, take Exit 7B off Delaware Ave. Presented by DuPont, Admission is always free on Sundays and from 4 pm to 8 pm on Thursdays from April to December. They are happy to offer FREE on-site parking to our guests located behind the Museum. Parking is accessible from the main entrance on Kentmere Parkway.

Great Local Artists

The Delaware Art Museum has some of the oldest pieces of art and famous local artists like Edward Loper, a WPA muralist, and Peter Spencer, the founder of the African Union Church. Along with local paintings by Clifford Brown and Edward Gorey, visitors will also encounter paintings by American Modern artists. Regular monthly shows of both local and foreign artists are presented there for free access. 

Odessa Hub

Odessa, a bustling shipping hub, served as a hub for trade and business throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although it was first known as “Cantwell’s Bridge,” it was renamed Odessa in 1850. H. Rodney Sharp was a teacher in the city around the start of the 20th century, and he later wed Isabella DuPont. In 1938, Sharp went back to Odessa and gave it a Colonial makeover.

A Taste of Delaware

Visitors can make use of the museum’s enormous food court in addition to its permanent collection of artwork. Pizza, Indian street food, sushi, and other high-calorie foods are among the alternatives available at the DECO. Delicious Japanese street food and Indian cuisine are also available to visitors. The museum also provides festive buffets with Indian street food. Don’t miss the art exhibits and other events if you are in town over the holidays. Visit DECO’s Food & Drink Court for a taste of Delaware cuisine.

The Lita Annenberg Hazen Charitable Trust

The educational programs and exhibitions at the museum are supported by the Lita Annenberg Hazen Charitable Trust. Jessie DuPont and Lita Annenberg DuPont generously donated the funds required for the museum to acquire artwork and furniture and rehabilitate the old structure. Additionally, the museum is a charitable foundation, so everyone who visits is given free entry. This fund benefits the Lita Annenberg DuPont Children’s Hospital.

Christmas Holiday Tree

The Christmas tree display that takes place each year is another permanent exhibit in the museum. The holiday tree, a cherished local custom, is adorned with lovely angels dressed in silk robes and other festive accents. An annual lighting ceremony is open to guests. The ceremony is held on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00. This exhibition is made possible thanks to the Dillon Fund, a charity that supports American art. A number of items from the permanent collection are also included.

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