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Delaware Children’s Museum

Spend a day of entertainment and education at the Delaware Children’s Museum in Wilmington, DE! Numerous interactive displays, climbing frames, and even a pirate ship are there. A water slide and an interactive climbing structure can be found in the Riverfront building. The CCM is out to open new worlds for our kids. The worlds of science, math, and technology. Worlds of wonders for them to explore. At the Delaware Children’s Museum. Children’s museums light creative sparks that last a lifetime and result in objective and quantifiable learning. They create safe, enriching places where kids and their families can share inspired fun and see new possibilities unfold.

Here are some insights to plan a great day in the museum:

Highly Rated by Families

Wilmington’s Delaware Children’s Museum is a well-liked family destination. This enjoyable location provides a variety of entertaining activities for kids of all ages and has lots of parking close by. To find out what other people had to say about the museum, read reviews on TripAdvisor. Out of 76 attractions in Wilmington, it is ranked 9 on Tripadvisor. The Delaware Children’s Museum offers sleepovers and birthday parties in addition to the museum itself.

Age-Related Activities 

The Delaware Children’s Museum’s goals include developing kids’ creative faculties and educating them in math, science, and technology through play. Seven interactive exhibit rooms that promote creativity and problem-solving abilities are included. Depending on the kids’ ages, those visiting the museum with them can enjoy it for an hour, thirty minutes, or longer. 

Two Locations

The Delaware Children’s Museum can be visited at two different locations in Wilmington. Both are available for free on weekends along the Riverfront. There is lots of space for picnicking and free parking available at the museum. Though both museums offer indoor picnic-style seating, remember to bring a lunch! There are a lot of restaurants close by, but bear in mind that business is usually busier on weekends and during the school year.

Underground Railroad Museum

The Underground Railroad Museum, one of history’s most famous escape tales, is housed in the museum, which is housed in a former courtroom. Visitors can discover more about the social systems that shaped the legal system of today. It has a rich historical background and beautiful sculptures. 

Both Children and the Adults

The Delaware Children’s Museum is a two-story building with a vibrant facade that is accessible to the general public. The museum encourages problem-solving through interactive exhibits, including a 600-gallon hands-on aquarium, a sustainable city, and an art studio. The museum also has a miniature racetrack, a huge easel, and paint-by-hand smocks for tiny ones.


The museum also provides food and beverages to fuel the fun. Children under the age of two are free to visit the museum. Dogs and cats are welcome as well. It is fun to spend a day learning about Delaware’s past. Plan ahead and bring your pet, please!

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