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Delaware History Museum

The Delaware History Museum is housed in a structure that dates back to the 18th century. It has an amazing art collection as well as exhibitions that cover the state’s lengthy history and cultural accomplishments. Since its founding in 1864, the Delaware Historical Society (DHS) has acquired an extraordinary collection of more than 3 million objects, books, documents, photographs, and maps and nine historic buildings related to Delaware’s past and its importance to the nation. We are the only private nonprofit organization with the mission to serve as the statewide organization exploring, preserving, promoting, and sharing Delaware history, heritage, and culture to educate, inspire, and empower people and communities.

To begin, familiarize yourself with the Museum’s hours of operation and entrance costs before visiting. We will go over some of the more well-known displays, but don’t forget to leave time for an ice cream cone and a stroll about the park!

The Delaware Historical Society

The Delaware Historical Society, a nonprofit organization that promotes community development, runs the museum. To preserve the state’s Civil War records, the Delaware Historical Society started operating in 1864. It eventually developed into a historical institution that is located in both Wilmington and New Castle. The Delaware Historical Society’s offices and conference rooms are located in the museum and nearby buildings. The museum has locations in both towns and is housed in the former Wilmington Town Hall. Its campus is situated on Lower Market Street, a former commercial area now known as the LoMa Design District, between Fifth and Sixth Streets. The museum complex has a street-spanning arch.

Always Something New and Rare to See!

The Delaware History Museum includes a rotating exhibit with items from throughout the state and a permanent display. Rare everyday things, decorative arts, paintings, costumes, and children’s toys are all included in the varying shows. The nine-foot-tall George Washington folk art figure is another attraction open to visitors.

The complex includes a courtyard and grounds that are crammed with exceptional rare collections. The library has books on maps, the underground railroad, and genealogy pertaining to Delaware. It is also where a letter from George Washington to Caesar Rodney is kept. The Old Town Hall, which housed the museum until it was destroyed by fire in 1832, was another historic structure that had housed Wilmington’s city hall. The senator was buried inside of this structure!

Historical Figures: Wilmington and the DuPont

Wilmington and the DuPont family are inseparably connected. Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, a French watchmaker’s son, emigrated to America in 1800. In Brandywine Creek, Eleuthere Irenee, his wife, established a gunpowder factory in 1880. Today, it is the biggest downtown in the state. Wilmington is well-known for its tax-free shopping in addition to the museum.

Science Museum

Hands-on science exhibits can be found in the Discovery Room, which is close to the Dinosaur Gallery. Dinosaur fossils can be examined by aspiring paleontologists. In the Discovery Room, budding marine biologists can investigate a coral reef while inquisitive children can examine minute insects and complex mineral crystals under a microscope. The DuPont Auditorium’s nature films are among the other attractions. Visit the butterfly garden or take a stroll along the Larry Scott Nature Trail while you’re here.

The African-American History Center

African-Americans in Delaware and across the country are profiled by the African American History Center. The African Methodist Church was established after the famous Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Introductions to significant historical personalities and events are provided in two themed sections. Visitors can also engage in educational activities within the museum, such as an investigation of the Underground Railroad. The Delaware History Museum in Wilmington, DE is the best venue to learn about Delaware’s history of slavery.

Plan your next family excursion to this Delaware gem since this museum has something to offer both kids and adults!

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The Delaware Museum of Nature and Science

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