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Delaware Museum of Nature & Science

The museum is located in Wilmington, Delaware 19807 at 4840 Kennett Pike. John Eleuthere du Pont established the museum in 1957 and  it debuted in 1972. Its goal is to investigate the state’s natural and cultural treasures.  The museum houses a vast collection of bird eggs in addition to more than 2 million mollusk specimens. They strive to communicate the exciting impact of nature and science in our daily lives, inspiring connections to the natural world through equitable, respectful interactions that meet the unique needs of each guest and team member.

Additionally, ongoing displays highlight Wilmington’s contributions to the arts, maritime heritage, and agricultural history. It is a must-see for everybody who has ever traveled to the state. 

A New Name

After going by various names, it is presently the biggest museum in the state. In 2022, the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science in Winterthur, Delaware, changed its name to the Delaware Museum of Nature

For the Whole Family

The entire family will enjoy a trip to the Delaware Museum of Nature in Wilmington, DE. Children can learn about the natural world and the wonders it contains by visiting the museum. Kids will be entertained all day long, and the exhibits change yearly. The museum staff sponsors engaging events and activities for visitors of all ages, and admission is a modest $5. The Delaware Museum of Nature has exhibits that appeal to a wide audience. The whole family will have a great time!

The Wilmington and Western Railroad

The Wilmington and Western Railroad operated in the 1870s. It made a significant contribution to the labor and economics of the community. The train rose to popularity as a tourist destination in the 1960s. It has been enticing visitors for more than fifty years with its renovated exterior and great sightlines. The First State Ballet Theatre, Opera Delaware, and the Delaware Symphony Orchestra all call it home. 

Nemours Mansion and Gardens: For the History Geek

You might also wish to visit the Nemours Mansion and Gardens if you enjoy history. E. I. DuPont constructed this historic palace in the late 1700s, creating wealth for the family. Its picturesque grounds and restored furnishings are accessible to the general public. You’ll adore Funland, a thriving neighborhood institution since 1962, if you’re a kid at heart. The entire family will love the rides and games, which range in scariness. The Nemours Mansion, which was given to Alicia du Pont as a gift in the early 1900s, is where you can go thereafter. The 200 acres of lovely landscaped grounds surrounding the museum contain 77 rooms. A Chauffeur’s Garage is also part of the Nemours Mansion and is where vintage cars are kept.

One of the Top Activities in Wilmington

There are many sites to explore, and the state has a rich history and culture. The state’s bucolic scenery can be explored on the 1867-chartered Wilmington & Western Railroad. You should also visit Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park and the New Castle Courthouse Museum, which are both on Delaware’s Underground Railroad Byway. Enjoy your time in Wilmington; the past is still very much alive here!

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Visit DuPont Environmental Education Center!

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