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The DuPont Environmental Education Center

In Wilmington, Delaware’s Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, a multipurpose teaching facility called the DuPont Environmental Education Center debuted in October 2009. The Delaware Nature Society runs the center, which is owned by the Riverfront Development Corporation. It is situated on the tidal Christina River, close to the 212-acre Peterson Refuge. The facility provides visitors with practical environmental education and inspiration opportunities.

Delaware’s distinctive animal habitat is made known to the public through educational programs and tours provided by the DuPont Environmental Education Center of Delaware Nature. Visit the Center if you’re looking for educational activities for both kids and adults. 

DuPont Environmental Education Center (DEEC) is located along the Christina River and on the edge of the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is 212 acres of freshwater tidal marsh adjoining the Christina River and is home to wildlife such as American Bald Eagles, Wood Ducks, American Beavers, dragonflies, river otters, and Eastern Painted Turtles. DEEC is open to the public year-round and features a Visitor Center with panoramic river and marsh views, a 10-acre ornamental garden, a quarter-mile handicap-accessible pond loop extending into the marsh, and trailhead access to the newly completed 5.5-mile-long Markell bike/hike trail from Wilmington to New Castle. The lovely landscapes and wildlife of the DuPont Environmental Education Center of Delaware Nature will leave you speechless.

The Hagley Museum and Library

The Hagley Museum and Library is a part of Delaware Nature’s DuPont Environmental Education Center. The 225-acre complex is home to historical structures, heritage locations, and genuine antiques. The facility, which is close to Brandywine Creek, has historical exhibits on the DuPont family. The general public can attend free evening talks as well. Additionally available to visitors is a 19th-century machine shop.

For Music Lovers

If you prefer being outside, Wilmington offers a variety of free events and attractions. The Delaware Symphony Orchestra also annually hosts two active concert series and draws international guest musicians. Smaller, locally based orchestras include the Dover and Newark Symphony Orchestras. The Serafin String Quartet, Brandywine Baroque, and Melomanie will all be performing chamber music for your enjoyment.

The Alapocas Run State Park

Alapocas Run State Park is a relatively new state park renowned for its 27,000-square-foot Can-Do Playground. Numerous athletic fields are also present there. There are rock climbing and rappelling options at the Alapocas Run Rock Wall. You need a permit to engage in these activities, and strict safety regulations must be followed. 

The Delaware Art Museum

An additional must-see is the Delaware Art Museum. Among its amazing holdings are pieces by renowned illustrator Howard Pyle. The museum also has a 10-acre outdoor sculpture park. The museum also features traveling exhibits, special exhibitions, and regional folk art. Additionally, it’s a great area to locate a restaurant or bar. Try some of the eateries in Wilmington if you enjoy eating. There are numerous possibilities for meals.

For the Whole Family

Family-friendly educational programs abound, and staff members are constantly available to assist in educating guests. Family-friendly activities include guided kayak tours and nature hikes. Visit Delaware Nature’s DuPont Environmental Education Center, make sure to plan a day or two for exploration because Wilmington has a lot of other locations that are worthwhile to see!

Programs are available at the facility for people of all ages, instructors, community centers, and religious organizations. Most of the programs are either free or inexpensive. Even volunteering is possible for the group! By doing so, you can gain practical experience in nature while supporting environmental health. That is a win-win circumstance!

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