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That’s A Wrap – Week 17 – Season 2

Spreading more Fun With Connect 4Q and The Hope Joy Lovefest Begins…

History in the making…Official Celebrity Boxing called to capture content at their Face Off and Press Event in Newark, NJ, featuring NDO Champ and World Champ Roy Jones Jr., as they prepare for their monumental Metaverse Match coming up on Pay Per View. The whole town came out along with the Mayor to get into the action.

The Goodwill Inspiration Awards shoots continued this week as we worked towards gathering all of the footage and visual elements needed to produce the award videos highlighting this year’s winners.

Big steps forward for our newest show, The Hope Joy Lovecast, filming and recording the first 3 episodes and gathering some initial images to be used to promote the series. The show will be launched and available anywhere you watch or listen to your podcasts soon.

Del-One brought the team together down in Dover once again for their Annual Meeting bringing their members up to speed on where the credit union stands and what the future holds. We executed a plan streaming the event live while also running the in-person show elements.

Our Virtual Offering – Connect 4Q through the fun dept was lights-camera-action to close the week as we engaged the team from BCCS with some fun with a purpose. They are now recharged, refocused, and closer as a team and so are we.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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