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That’s A Wrap – Week 37

Another Busy Week in Delaware – Tedx, Brandywine Arts Festival, and some Boxing Memories

The Brandywine Festival of the Arts happened this week. The Brandywine Festival of the Arts is an annual arts festival in Wilmington, Delaware, featuring hundreds of artists exhibiting one-of-a-kind art. We created videos and graphics that were used at the event as well as to promote the festival.

Damon Feldman, the founder of “Official Celebrity Boxing” was in the studio this week, where we talked about a future project (not quite a secret project, but not enough to talk about here either). The project will have us dig deep through the archives to create a piece where we retell stories and memories and relive the best fights that happened over the years. What is your favorite Official Celebrity Boxing match?

Next on the docket we headed down to Iron Hill Brewery on the Riverfront. We took some footage and captured some photos for the DCRAC board meeting where they celebrated their very own Jaclyn Quinn for all the hard work she does. Work is always fun when food is involved!

We helped out behind the scenes for Jamie Hess TEDx talk at Theater N. Where she described how she found herself stuck in a cycle of compulsive overeating after the birth of her first child. The team helped take some B roll and filmed the event, which will be made into a thrilling teaser video.

Are you ready to party? The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce 2nd Year Gala is finally here! The KC team helped out all throughout the event. What an awesome, fun, and beautiful night to celebrate the Chamber and its members; see you next year!

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 7

Week 7 Unites Artists From Atlanta, NYC, Richmond, and Liberia!

From Light to Music

One day, while we were shooting a throne made of light, an idea occurred to us: what if we could create a recording studio that brought together artists from all over the world? We could have musicians from Atlanta, Richmond, VA, and Liberia representing their respective scenes, and the result would be an explosive new sound.

So that’s exactly what we did. We reached out to our contacts in the music industry, and before long, we had assembled a team of talented engineers and producers. We then set up shop in a warehouse in Delaware, and the rest is history.

Goodwill, Renewed!

We’re thrilled to announce that Goodwill of Delaware has signed a new annual contract with our Employee Engagement section! This means that we will be able to continue doing the great work that we do in the community and making a difference in the lives of those we serve. This is a huge victory for the Fun Department, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Goodwill and making a positive impact in our community. 

Talks & Vocals

We’re excited to announce that Esther Graham’s TEDx Talk has been approved and will be presented at TEDx Trinidad. DoMore24DE has been hard at work promoting and developing material for the campaign, and we’re grateful for your support. Backtrack Vocals, we appreciate your time and effort. We hope you’ll join us for the event and continue to support our work in the future. Thank you!

Thanks for sitting down with us, Backtrack Vocals, and sharing your story and talents.

Another fun, motivating, and productive week! Until then, be awesome!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 6

Week 6: Shooting The Pilot of The Frozen Farmer and Preparing For DoMore24DE

Real Problems, Real Solutions

We began the week in the studio, capturing video for Delaware’s Boys & Girls Clubs, featuring its youth champions discussing real-world concerns and offering real-world solutions. The results were incredibly powerful, and it was amazing to see the kids so engaged and articulate on such important topics. It was a great reminder of the vital role that organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs play in our communities. They provide a safe and fun place for the youth to spend their time, but they also help develop leadership skills and instill a sense of civic responsibility. We’re proud to have been able to work with such an outstanding organization, and we’re looking forward to sharing the finished material with everyone.

Prep Department

At The Fun Dept, we believe in the power of preparation. That’s why we set aside time for our staff, the fun department, and our clients to prepare and strategize. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that everyone has a chance to contribute. That way, when it comes time to execute, we can all move forward together with confidence. 

So whether we’re Back in the studio, assisting Esther Graham with the recording of a new TEDX talk, or getting ready to host Do’s forthcoming 24-hour live webcast, we always take the time to prepare. And that’s why we’re able to consistently produce great work that you’ll surely love.

The #MILLSUMMIT Podcast had us out on-location shooting and recording their pilot episode at The Frozen Farmer down in Bridgeville, DE. It was great to see Blake the Brain in action and hear Katey Jo Evans’ story firsthand.

Back in the studio at our home base we helped Esther Graham record and produce a new talk for an upcoming TEDx Trinidad event.


Is your non-profit organization registered on DoMore4DEL yet? It is hard not to get excited to host the upcoming 24-hour live stream for #DoMore24DE on March 3 and 4, 2022. Last year we raised 1.9 million dollars for nonprofits throughout the State of Delaware. This year we are looking to break that number and help even more – will we break $2 million? 

Looking back, it was a week of productivity, creativity, and inspiration.

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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