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DoMore24DE: Get Ready for Delaware’s Biggest Day of Giving

Delaware’s Biggest Day of Giving

Gear up for Delaware’s March 7 and 8 Big Fundraising Event  

The Official 2024 DoMore24DE Broadcast will Live Stream multi-cast across various social media outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, and others, leveraging Spur Impact, United Way of Delaware, King Creative, and DETV’s Social Channels, starting March 7 at 6 PM, through March 8 at 6 PM. 

We encourage you to tune into the broadcast, share it with your network, and interact to support the 500-plus DE Nonprofits featured in the campaign.

The caring forces behind (#DoMore24DE) Do More 24 Delaware, which takes place on Thursday, March 7, through Friday, March 8, are looking forward to the impactful philanthropic effort to help more than 500 involved Delaware nonprofits.

Delaware’s largest giving day is designed to help nonprofits increase their capacity, engage new donors, and expand their reach. This collaborative effort celebrates philanthropy in a major way and aims to spur impact in the Delaware community.

The overriding goal is to ignite a culture of community-wide giving and allow everyone the opportunity to be a philanthropist. The organizers also want to use Do More 24 Delaware to empower the next generation of donors to be inspired to start giving to nonprofits and causes they are interested in and passionate about and to continue a lifelong love for giving. 

Do More 24 Delaware is a fun and easy way for the entire community to impact philanthropy and be inspired to donate to nonprofits serving Delaware. It is a unique 24-hour giving event that showcases the amazing and vital work of nonprofit organizations serving the state.

The goal is to inspire Delaware residents to come together for 24 hours and contribute as much as they can financially to the causes and organizations they support while discovering new ones. 

In the past three years alone, this event has raised more than $7 million and expanded the reach of nonprofits around the state. The goal for this year’s event is more than $2 million. It is similar to Giving Tuesday, but it is specifically for Delaware.

United Way of Delaware brought the Do More 24 Delaware Campaign to the state and it took off in a big way when it was partnered seven years ago with Spur Impact. There will be updates, talk to nonprofit leaders, special guests, and artist performances. This involves a full-on production for 24 straight hours – a true marathon produced by King Creative and hosted by owner, Christopher Bruce.

Like a modern-day Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon with the addition of modern technology and social media, the hosts of this ultimate community collaborative event will support more than 500 Delaware nonprofits raising money and awareness for the arts, the environment, education, and everything in between! 

While other donations that nonprofits receive through the year have specific programs tied to them, Do More 24 Delaware offers thousands of dollars in unrestricted funding and other cash and non-cash incentives to provide a little excitement, start some friendly competition, and help donors make their dollars go further – all noteworthy occurrences.

On the website, prospective donors can search for nonprofits in a variety of ways. They can also learn more about an organization’s mission, programs, financials, and more by clicking on the verification link or by visiting its specific website. You can then choose to donate or continue searching.

“This has been such an awesome experience because we’ve been able to quadruple our impact and push for touching new donors and investors who care about nonprofits in Delaware,” explained Tierra Fair, senior leader and Vice President of Engagement and Partnerships at United Way of Delaware.

She is responsible for advocating on behalf of underserved people in Delaware and creating opportunities for positive change. “We care about this because we know how hard it is for nonprofits to raise money. We know that most of our fellow nonprofits are made up of smaller teams and primarily work with volunteers,” Fair added. 

“We know that collective marketing is the way of the future to make sure that all of our messages get heard.” 

Do More 24 Delaware will hold a 24-hour livestream starting around 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, and finish a little after 6 p.m. on Friday, March 8. The live stream will be available on Spur Impact, United Way, Facebook, and YouTube. Many of the nonprofits and supporters will be featured during the livestream and content will be shared and updated throughout the day.

While the team of highly effective advocates spearheading Do More 24 Delaware appreciates in-person events, they see the value of online events in which anyone can donate from those around the state, the nation, and the globe. “It’s a way to get our friends, our family, and the broader community excited about the causes we care about. I also think it turns fundraising upside down.”

She hopes that everyone connects with one or more nonprofits, tells five friends and it snowballs from there. “We want everyone to talk about a cause they care about and be able to take action right away.”

While large donations are encouraged, Faire said what makes Do More 24 Delaware unique is that it aims to change the face of philanthropy. We know that it’s not just about the large grants. It’s not just about getting one large donor. There are less and less large donors today,” she said.

 “So, our goal is to encourage those $5, $10, and $20 donors and to go on and get as many of them as possible involved because we know that they’re going to make a difference in the communities they serve.” 

Charlie Vincent, executive director of Spur Impact, said the beauty of Do More 24 Delaware is that these nonprofits need individual donors to build a culture of philanthropy statewide to be stronger. “We need to build this pipeline of the new individual donors because the $10 donor today could be the $10 million donor tomorrow, or 20 or 30 years from now.”

He said that the feedback each year has been overwhelmingly positive on both sides – the donors and the nonprofits. “An event like this raises the profile of these nonprofits, especially for the next generation, and introduces them to a network that they typically wouldn’t have access to.”

Fair said the major thing that the feedback from the public hearing about it for the first time is how the day works and how is it possible to bring together 500+ nonprofits and help them shine.

“Once we talk to people and tell them what the end goal is for United Way of Delaware and Spur Impact, it’s to be that supportive proactive organization to support these 500+ nonprofits.  Then people get to understand just the impact of the entire day.”

Going forward, Fair would love it if 50 percent of the people in Delaware would give $5 or more to Do More 24 Delaware. “It would just show Delaware’s commitment to giving back to nonprofits,” Fair said. “I think it’s possible. I don’t know how we’ll track it, but it’s possible.”

Christopher Bruce, a noted producer, writer, host, actor, and creator at King Creative, said he grew up in an environment in which volunteerism and supporting causes were encouraged.

“As a kid, I was actively raising money for leukemia when it was called The Leukemia Society. I was a swimmer back then and I was the top fundraiser for a handful of years in a row as part of a swimathon in Syracuse,” Bruce explained.

“Back then, we were doing it door-to-door getting people to donate a nickel, dime, or quarter a lap,” he said.

“One of my secret sauces was I was a pretty good swimmer for a young kid of eight or ten years old, and they didn’t expect a kid of eight or 10 years old to swim hundreds of laps in the allotted time,” Bruce added.

“That sense of making a difference was extremely tangible and it has only grown since then,” he said. “What better stage than this to sing the praises of 500+ Delaware nonprofits in one day at the same time raising a large amount of money that people don’t expect?”

“It is an honor to host this historic event, truly making an impact throughout the state of Delaware, supporting these causes which fill every nook and cranny of our lives!”

For more information go to Do More 24.

That’s A Wrap – Week 8 – Season 2

Lots of Video Production and Still Photography.
Oh yeah, Music Production Too!

Don and Amy from Next Home Synergy had us out early on a Monday to capture images for their marketing needs to promote their real estate business.

The Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast was cranking in the studio, recording multiple episodes as we get closer and closer to LAUNCH.

We wrapped up production on a short promo for the DoMore24DE LIVESTREAM we are hosting and producing so look out for that.

Encore Azalea has called on us again to help create and deliver a commercial ad campaign around their Binge Worthy Blooms.

And UK artist Rich Beggar came across the pond to work in-studio with Herb Middleton on some new music to add to his already impressive catalog.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 7 – Season 2

Local Television, Local Politics, Fun with Local Education and Celebrity Boxing

We kicked off this week by visiting our friends over at DETV promoting the #DoMore24DE campaign on Good Morning Wilmington. Look out for more Mr. Delaware Gives dropping on their station and around as the buzz builds towards Giving Day.

Love was in the air this week and we are loving all of these conversations dripping out with non-profit leaders. We even had the pleasure to talk to County Executive Matt Meyer and Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long.

As we move ever closer to the launch of the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast, the team is busy working on post-production of the first few episodes as we schedule more, digging into this highly entertaining and controversial world.

Wrapping things up this week, our friends at Wilmington University got a much deserved dose of fun from the fun dept. with a series of Virtual Quick Plays engaging their departments and bonding their teams.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 6 – Season 2

Music, Boxing, Ballet and Ukraine

Baltimore native and Atlanta-based artist, Nani Goins, graced the recording studio, working with Herb Middleton and spending some time in front of the camera, to kick things off this week.

Always on point, Chris took on the Wilmington Ballet in support of the DoMore24DE campaign participating in their Master Class Series, led by the famed Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

The team dropped the new single PHILLY PHILLY PHILLY along with the music video in time to hype up for the Big Game, stirring up some press and creating a buzz around the track.

Episode production is underway for the Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast with more on the way. Stay tuned for the launch date.

With Delaware’s Largest Giving Day coming up on March 2nd and 3rd, Mr. Delaware Gives has been busy recording interviews with nonprofit leaders and politicians throughout Delaware in promotion of the big day.

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 10

Week 10 – Impactful and Productive. As Bruce Said… “Fulfilling”!

Millionaire Delaware

Our team got behind DoMore24DE and the LLS DE Students of the Year campaign this week in a big way, raising a total of 3.2 million dollars. We’re pretty stoked about it! But honestly, we could not have done it without the amazing support of our community. From donations to volunteer hours, everyone came together to help us reach our goal. We are so grateful for all the support! Now let’s keep up the good work and make even more progress toward our goals! Together we can make a difference!

Jackie Murray for Harriet Tubman

To pay tribute to Harriet Tubman, we snuck Jackie Murray, star of the Calling on Harriet initiative, into the Recording Studio to record a few Spirituals. We figured that if anyone could do justice to the capturing the memory of such an inspiring woman, it would be Jackie. And we were right – her voice is absolutely mesmerizing. We even slipped her into the Recording Studio to lay down a few Spirituals while she was in town. 

THE CONTENT, LIVE PERFORMANCE, IMPACT PANEL, and MEETING JACKIE were all big hits at the event. The CONTENT was awesome, the LIVE PERFORMANCE blew everyone away, the IMPACT PANEL left a lasting impression, and Calling On Harriet was an unforgettable experience. We’re so grateful to have captured these amazing performances, and we hope that they’ll help keep Harriet’s legacy alive for generations to come. Thank you, Jackie!

Boys And Girls Club Delaware

When it comes to promoting youth programs, the Boys & Girls Club knows that a little TLC goes a long way. That’s why we help them do some much-needed touch-ups on images used in their Youth of the Year Campaign and Student Advocates Program. We were tasked with repairing everything from color balance to cracked pixels, and the results were amazing! Thanks to the team’s hard work, the campaign and program are now looking better than ever. And who knows? Maybe one of us should have won the Youth of the Year award in the past!

Bringing Values to Life

Nick Gianoulis, the Godfather of Fun at The Fun Dept is known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. He is the driving force behind a new video series called Bringing Values to Life, which will premiere in April. The series is designed to help employees to understand and live the company’s values. In each episode, Nick will visit a different department and interview employees about how they bring the company’s values to life in their work. The series will be full of Nick’s infectious energy and it is sure to inspire employees to live the company’s values every day.

Overall, it was a PRODUCTIVE, IMPACTFUL, and FULFILLING WEEK! Keep being awesome, and we’ll see you next week!


That’s A Wrap – Week 9

Week 9: Catching Up on 2022, and Prepping for Calling On Harriet


This week was mostly spent in the studio, trying to fix all the mistakes from the previous weeks. It was a lot of hard work, but we’re glad to say that I finally got everything sorted out. Thankfully, the studio is a pretty calm place so it wasn’t too bad. But still, the team is looking forward to next week when we can start working on something new!

Do More, Collect More

The team set up shop for DoMore24DE, a whole day of giving meant to help nonprofits collect more money and engage new people. The team’s goal was to help them reach their goals by providing information and resources about how to best use social media to connect with potential donors.

The campaign runs for 24 hours, and during that time, people can donate as much money as they want. So far, the campaign has raised over a million dollars, and it is still going strong. The campaign is important because it helps to make a difference in the lives of many people in need.

See You!

The team did get out at some point, though – to enjoy the beautiful weather this week had to offer and to grab some footage in preparation for next Thursday’s Calling on Harriet preview and celebration. Come on by at 7 and enjoy the show for free!

Another week of creativity, inspiration, and productivity has come to an end. Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you next week!

That’s A Wrap – Week 7

Week 7 Unites Artists From Atlanta, NYC, Richmond, and Liberia!

From Light to Music

One day, while we were shooting a throne made of light, an idea occurred to us: what if we could create a recording studio that brought together artists from all over the world? We could have musicians from Atlanta, Richmond, VA, and Liberia representing their respective scenes, and the result would be an explosive new sound.

So that’s exactly what we did. We reached out to our contacts in the music industry, and before long, we had assembled a team of talented engineers and producers. We then set up shop in a warehouse in Delaware, and the rest is history.

Goodwill, Renewed!

We’re thrilled to announce that Goodwill of Delaware has signed a new annual contract with our Employee Engagement section! This means that we will be able to continue doing the great work that we do in the community and making a difference in the lives of those we serve. This is a huge victory for the Fun Department, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Goodwill and making a positive impact in our community. 

Talks & Vocals

We’re excited to announce that Esther Graham’s TEDx Talk has been approved and will be presented at TEDx Trinidad. DoMore24DE has been hard at work promoting and developing material for the campaign, and we’re grateful for your support. Backtrack Vocals, we appreciate your time and effort. We hope you’ll join us for the event and continue to support our work in the future. Thank you!

Thanks for sitting down with us, Backtrack Vocals, and sharing your story and talents.

Another fun, motivating, and productive week! Until then, be awesome!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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