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That’s A Wrap – Week 21

Last Friday, the Brandywine River Restoration Trust trusted us to run the visuals for their first event Gala Dinner supporting their mission to restore the Brandywine River, remove dams, and improve the ecosystem.

WJBR came to the KC studio to shoot on our greenscreen. We might have had a bit too much fun, but it turned out great!

Floyd Armstrong couldn’t get enough and flew back in to work with our own Herb Middleton in the recording studio on some music and record videos for his own personal brand.

Other than that we were busy prepping for projects for The Pete DuPont Freedom Foundation, DoMore24DE, the #MILLSUMMIT, the fun dept, and Nemours to name a few.

Thanks for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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