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That’s A Wrap – Week 15

Our Long-planned Arm Westling Documentary is Finally Started, and Some Local Nurses Did Good!

Delaware Today called on us to produce the event videos for their 10th annual Excellence in Nursing Awards. It was an honor to feature these heroes in our community and have them in the studio.

Post Production on a full feature-length documentary officially began called Hands Down – An Arm Wrestling Docu Journey. The journey takes us to Budapest, Hungary…  Romania, Poland, and beyond give us a glimpse into the world of arm wrestling and features an individual with spina bifida overcoming all odds.

We also did a few site visits for upcoming Live Stream Productions, continue to pump out edits for the Bringing Values to Life series for the fun dept., and add graphic elements to THE TILLY ESCAPE video for the Seaford Museum, and enjoyed another CREATIVE, PRODUCTIVE and INSPIRING week.

Stay Awesome… and Stay Tuned!

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