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That’s A Wrap – Year In Review – 2022

2022 Squeezed into 2 Minutes and 29 Seconds

2022 was full of incredible opportunities and creative challenges. We are grateful to everyone who welcomed us into their worlds and were on our journey.

In this hybrid world, streaming is and will continue to be a part of the solution moving forward, both in the studio and out on location.

Our creative juices were flowing on series production for projects like Calling On Harriet; Plate at 8; and the Jefferson Awards.

Our podcast gears were also cranking — producing and developing The #MILLSUMMIT Podcast; The Official Celebrity Boxing Podcast; and a few others that are in the works.

Documentary storytelling is in our blood. Post-production of our Hands Down – An Arm Wrestling Docu-Journey is well underway, production for a project with Bardea is shaping up nicely, and LLS National called on us to move their Big Climb initiative forward.

And yeah…we did a few events. Delaware Today and Delaware Business Times leaned on us to fuel a number of their campaigns; the Goodwill of DE called on us for their Inspiration Awards; and the DuPont Family entrusted us with the memorial of none other than Governor Pete DuPont.

All in all, it was truly an Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Year.

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned

That’s A Wrap – Week 32


Another meeting is down in the books for the team as the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce plans for the second annual gala. With the 2nd year gala approaching in almost less than a month, we gathered to fine-tune details and provide an amazing event for everyone attending.

Next, the team worked together with Sheila from AARP of DE to make the final edits for the #MILLSUMMIT Podcast featuring Anthony Oneil and Blake “The Brain” Saunders. If you like a good conversation about financial literacy, relationships, and a plethora of other amazing topics, make sure you give the podcast a listen.

To end this week off, the team stayed focused on prepping and creating plans for upcoming projects like Delaware Business Times 40 Under 40 shoot, the SiloSmashers (in June, SiloSmashers was named to the Washington Post’s 2022 Top Workplaces!) shoot, and all things Fun Dept.

Thanks for checking us out through another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week! 

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 31

#MILLSUMMIT, Tilly’s Escape, and Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy Birthday to you! This week the team did a birthday shoot for Karen Martinelli’s daughter Mia. Mia and her friends celebrated by walking the runway, wearing silly costumes, and dancing in a few of our studio setups. We sure had a blast!

The #MILLSUMMIT conference at The Queen was this week and it was eventful. #MILLSUMMIT attracts tons of professionals, tastemakers, leaders, and upcoming talent from all backgrounds who want to make an impact on the world and their communities. If you’ve missed out, make sure you attend next year!

We also had some planning to do this week for our meeting with the Network To Freedom to discuss the recent cut of our ‘Tilly Escape’ video. The Tilly Escape video project focuses on a woman named Tilly who was led by Harriet Tubman from slavery in Baltimore through Seaford, DE, on their way to freedom. The “Tilly Escape” will be premiered at the Governor Ross Mansion in Seaford, Delaware, on September 29th.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 26

Restoring The Brandywine River (*and more)

This week the team attended a meeting with the Brandywine River Restoration Trust at AB and C ad agency. The intention was to take part in strategizing to help reach certain goals and objectives to restore the Brandywine River through a creative and collaborative approach!

Also, this week the team did a promo shoot for the #MILLSUMMIT conference, which is approaching August 2nd to the 4th. We helped with lighting, set design, and the overall creative direction of the shoots. The KC Team is also helping with production for the actual conference that you definitely have to check back with us to see all the action!

Giving some love to one of our passion projects, the team continued sifting through footage and piecing together the “Hands Down” documentary rough cut which is picking up steam. If you’re into action, be on the lookout for everything we have in store for the Hands Down Arm Wrestling Docu-Journey.

Thank you for another Inspiring, Creative, and Productive Week!

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

That’s A Wrap – Week 14

99 Days In; 266 Days Left To Complete the 2022 KC To-Do List…

It’s been a busy few weeks here at the office! We’ve finally wrapped up a few big projects that have been in the works for months, and we’re excited to see the final results. We’ve also kicked off a few new campaigns and initiatives that we’re hopeful will be just as successful. Of course, with all of this activity comes a lot of work. But it’s the good kind of work that keeps us busy, engaged, and excited about what we’re doing. We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the quarter has in store!

The fun dept’s Bringing Values to Life series is in full swing and posting across platforms on their YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles.  The series focuses on how the company brings its values to life through everyday interactions and decision-making. The series highlights how the company’s values play out in everyday work life through real stories from employees.

From the very beginning, The Fun Dept has been built on a foundation of strong values. These values guide everything we do, from the way we interact with our team members to the way we serve our clients. In “Bringing Values to Life”, we take a closer look at how those values play out in real-life situations. We explore how it shapes the way we operate as a company. We also hear from team members about how our values have impacted their lives both inside and outside of work. If you’re interested in learning more about how The Fun Dept brings its values to life, be sure to check out the series!

“Tough Conversations”

It can be tough to have difficult conversations – whether it’s with a loved one, a friend, or even a co-worker. Nobody wants to be the person who stirs up drama, but sometimes these conversations are necessary. That’s where Monique Helstrom comes in. She’s set to launch a new course that will help us all tackle tough conversations head-on. You can learn more about that at

We put the finishing touches on the pilot episode of the #MILLSUMMIT Podcast hosted by Blake the brain and are scheduling Episode 2. 

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. But April showers aren’t bad either – just take a look at these photos by the Brandywine River. The team caught some amazing shots this week! They remind us that even though the weather might not always be perfect, there is always something beautiful to appreciate. Even though we might be looking forward to the warmer weather and brighter days of May, let’s not forget to appreciate the beauty that April brings. After all, it’s only here for a short time… So next time you find yourself caught in a rain shower, remember that May flowers are on their way!

As new projects develop and adventures begin we are thankful for another PRODUCTIVE, INSPIRING, and CREATIVE Week. 

Stay Awesome and Stay Tuned!

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