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Forgotten Cats

Forgotten Cats, Inc. is a nonprofit organization specializing in trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return (TNVR) services for feral cats in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Intending to reduce the homeless cat population humanely, Forgotten Cats works with colony caregivers to identify and trap all cats, sterilize and vaccinate them, and return them to their caregivers. The organization also offers low-cost spay/neuter services and education for pets and stray cats and has an adoption network for stray cats and feral kittens under 12 weeks old. With over 700 volunteers, Forgotten Cats depends entirely on private donations, grants, fundraising events, and bequests. Since its establishment in 2003, the organization has sterilized over 165,000 cats, placed over 19,000 cats into loving homes, and welcomes cats from all backgrounds at their no-kill clinics/shelters.

Address: 4023 Kennett Pike Suite 422, Greenville, DE 19807
Phone: (302) 429-0124

Interview with Development Director Olivia Westley Forgotten Cats is a Nonprofit organization focused on the stray/feral cat population. Since 2003 they have sterilized over 175,000 cats and they are currently expanding their company, by adding a second level to the building. The new addition will allow them to increase their surgical capacity, add free roaming spaces and self-cleaning litter boxes. Olivia mentioned you can head over to their site at to check out more details on their big capital campaign. Forgotten Cats has been participating in #DoMore24DE for a few years now and in doing so, they have been able to raise thousands of dollars and that goes a long way to change the lives for the cats in need.

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