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DE Choral Arts

Delaware Choral Arts (DCA) is a choral group that provides inspiring performances of choral literature to the Wilmington community. Founded in 1984 as Delaware Valley Chorale, the group has had several music directors over the years, including David Christopher, Mary Woodmansee Green, and Charles (Chic) Walker. DCA supports its members with professional leadership and skill, nurturing the art of choral music through scholarships, commissions, and showcases. The group is known for its expressive singing, diverse programming, and beautiful choral sound. DCA has performed with several regional orchestras and collaborates with organizations like the Wilmington Children’s Chorus. The group welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to join as singing members or non-singing volunteers. Auditions are required for singing members.

Address: 719 N Shipley St, Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 740-2410

Interview with Irene Plotzker, the Board President of Delaware Choral Arts (DCA), a non-profit that needs local exposure and money to fund their programs. They used to have in-person fundraisers, but COVID-19 made it difficult. The #DoMore24DE campaign provides them with a framework for fundraising and for others to get to know them. Irene says that the group will be putting up clips of their music and amusing introductions by their singers. They are also planning to have a concert on spirituals on February 11.

According to Irene, the DCA group wants to grow and broaden what they are doing and to whom they present it. They want to make a bigger footprint and keep the Arts alive and well, not just in Delaware but everywhere, as the Arts feed our communities and make a difference in our lives.

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