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Brandywine River Restoration Trust

The Brandywine River is a historically and culturally significant river that flows through southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. The Brandywine River Restoration Trust aims to restore the river’s free-flowing state and bring back the American Shad, which has been threatened by industrial dams along 12 miles of the river in Delaware. The trust is a cross-section of educational organizations, non-profits, governmental agencies, and private citizens that share a common goal of restoring the river and its ecosystem to bring back the species.

Address: P.O. Box 1689, Wilmington, DE 19899

Interview with Jenn Parrish, the Program Manager for the Brandywine River Restoration Trust (BRRT), a non-profit organization that aims to restore the Brandywine River and its surrounding area. They discuss the organization’s efforts to engage the community, including a children’s fishing program, an upcoming environmental event called ShadFest, and a cooking demonstration of Shad fish. They also mention the misconception that the organization is only about removing dams, and encourage people to get involved by visiting their website ( or contacting them directly.

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