Types of Music Videos Ranked

From Budget Friendly to Breaking the Bank

- Budget Friendly -

Lyric Videos

- Budget Friendly -

Lyric videos serve a simple purpose and can also be a placeholder until a final video is complete – or it can be your final video if you’re working with an extremely tight budget.

Performance Music Videos

There is no limit to the amount of creativity that you can express in performance videos. They can include live concert footage, in-studio footage, or lip-synced footage from just about anywhere in the world. 

You can keep this option easy on the wallet by choosing to keep it low key and using a single set, and limiting the amount of time spent shooting. 

Narrative Music Videos

Narrative music videos take performance videos one step further, and play out almost like a film. The story in a narrative music video can follow the lyrics, or tell a similar story – or even something a little bit different.

Budget wise, it can vary – the more locations, camera and man-power you’ll need, the higher the budget will end up. 

Concept  Videos

Concept videos aren’t your average music video – you really need to flex those creative muscles. Concept videos have zero rules and full creative reign, so your imagination can really run wild.

This may mean serious budget implications, because the more props, locations, talent, cameras and days spent shooting, the more you’re spending. But it is all worth it to match up your epic song with your dream vision. 

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